Individual Cosmic Energy Clearing


Do you feel like you've got other people's energies and "stuff" in your space?

Clear your sphere of other people’s energies


Generational patterns,
Limiting beliefs
Energetic rubbish from past relationships
Leftover misconceptions, conclusions, assumptions held over from past circumstances.


When your personal energetic space is cleared out you can operate in the present moment with the clarity of your own signature energy


So, what do you say?

Are you ready to reclaim your space?

This group session will be held live on zoom. 
Recordings will be available. 
These clearings are powerful.
They operate on a level outside of space and time. 

You will receive great benefit whether you are on the call live or listen to the recording.

Included as a bonus:
Activate your energetic shield to maintain the clarity in your personal space.

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