Cosmic Attunement Sessions


Clear the way to be your Highest and Best Self.

Energetically, life's ups and downs leave behind a trail of energetic leftovers, like debris and smog and space junk floating around in your Biosphere.

Even when you've been "working on yourself", the energies of old habits, patterns, circumstances are clouding your environment and standing in the way of you being able to fully express yourself and operate as the fully present, healed version of you. 

Your Cosmic Attunement is like a super deep cleaning of your energetic house.

In a single session we will......

Clear your Biosphere - resulting in clarity and confidence

Clear energetic debris, baggage and static - feel lighter and more enthusiastic

Activate and fine tune your awareness so you can receive greater light and assistance from Higher Guidance

Boost your frequency to sending and receiving clearer signals, become more visible, and attract the right people.


Cosmic Attunement includes

one 40 minute session

plus a follow-up consultation one to two weeks after the Attunement.

Exclusive Membership in C.A.T.s  our private facebook community where experiences can be shared and personal guidance offered to support your ongoing growth and insights.


This Biosphere

is the vehicle where you are receiving energy, blueprints, patterns from your higher self, source, cosmic level guides.

This is the space I'm attuning , clearing and airing and deleting old energies and patterns. Making space for new possibilities and a stronger, wider connection to receive energy, insights, light, and information.

Every session I've done so far has been unique and profound. Activations and  realizations come through specific to you.

For most there is a sense of boldness, finding your true voice.  Finally, fully being in the right place, on course with your mission. Taking action, clarifying priorities and boundaries. 

For some physical relief and shifts have occurred, emotional clearings, blockages vanished and more. Much of this goes beyond what words can explain.


If you're ready to drop old baggage and burst forth on your path of soul alignment sign up , make your payment and claim your place on my calendar.


If you still have questions or comments
message me on facebook or email

I'm happy to schedule a brief call if you'd like to chat and see if this is right for you.



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