Cosmic Business Attunement Process


Once you've had your Personal Cosmic Attunement ( or a Personal Clearing Session)you can choose to have an Attunement for your business.
Clear patterns and perceptions and limiting beliefs that you carry within you consciously or subconsciously as well as those that surround your profession. 
Release stored energy and any blockages related held in the collective consciousness as well as any assumptions and limitations around the work you do and any  beliefs, financial, social agreements regarding your business made consciously or unconsciouly with family or friends current or past. Dissolve any blocks that would hold you back from achieving your goals and acting from your best clarity and creativity in the work you do.

Clear the way back along your lineage through the history of the work you do.
Allow expansion and success with ease to bring new possibilities,  new clients, new growth to serve your business as you serve your people.
Includes follow-up consultation and energetic work.


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