How to listen to Inner Wisdom and Higher Guidance


Have you ever wished you could Tap into your own intuition? Talk to your Higher Self?
Converse with Your Guides?

1. Learn how to receive in a variety of ways

We are always picking up information though we don’t always know it. Discover your main receiving mode and explore a few more.

2. Make decisions more quickly & easily

When you know how to ask better questions and “hear” the answers, you will know what feels right.

3. Get Guidance you can trust to always be in your best interest

Your Inner Wisdom, Higher Self is always delivering to you with love, compassion, free of judgement and intended for your highest good.

4. Receive wisdom and support beyond imagination.  Our everyday minds are limited by what we know.  Higher Mind has a greater, wider view and can offer insight and perspective to guides us on our path.

This training will consist of 

4 zoom calls  1 1/2 hrs each to give plenty of time for teaching, practice and discussion

4 live Q&A sessions 

Private FB Group 
for community, support

and discussion.  I will be available

and checking in on a regular basis.

It's time to bring all of you online.

Let no little voice be left behind.

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When your heart speaks - take good notes

1 Lessons

You inner knowing is always on, always available.

It is our everyday mind that is usually cut off and not paying attention.

In this training you will learn how to ask, how to listen and how to receive.

Gain trust and confidence in your capacity.

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