Cosmic Alignment Tribe - Monthly Subscription Group

Cosmic Alignment Tribe - Monthly Subscription Group

Hi I'm Miché 
I run the SpoonBenders Cafe.
I'm a certified coach, mentor and energetic healer.

Imagine a place to connect with other spiritual women focused on personal and planetary healing and growth.

Come to this group for energy sessions that will leave you feeling lighter, more relaxed, more at peace within yourself.

Learn techniques you can easily use for yourself to reduce
mental, emotional distress and even reduce physical pain

Take a Quantum Jump with us and meet the version of you 
who has already achieved and become what you want and more - an opportunity to receive wise council and gifts from your future self.

Every month as a subscriber of the group you have access to 8 live sessions with me and occasional guest presenters.

 4 sessions @ Noon PST

4 sessions @ 5pm PST

 Energetic Processes for Clearing, Expansion, Transformation via Zoom.
Coaching To Get Unstuck, community sharing for learning and support.
Bring new ease and possibilities to your everyday life.
Activate More of Your Capacities
Gain confidence and clarity with Your Inner Knowing.
Develop your Intuition, Insight,
Self-Awareness and
Tap into greater connection to your Higher Self.

More Subscriber Perks

Your subscription price will stay the same forever regardless of any future increases.

Deep discounts on 

  • Cosmic Attunements
  • One to One Coaching & Energy Tune-Ups
  • Coaching/Training Packages
  • Group Programs

In this group you will find expert coaching, transformational energy work and a community of individuals committed to their own expansion and holding a higher vision for humanity.

This group is for you if

  • you value  growth and personal/spiritual development  
  • You believe you are here for a purpose 
  • You recognize that change = life and you want to navigate that with grace and ease 
  • You yearn to live in alignment with your soul
  • You understand you are more  than your human form
  • You want support and activation to BE the gift are and contribute to the change you want to see.

This group is not for you if

  • You are seeking a guru instead of inner wisdom
  • You want a step by step plan of who to be or what to do rather than act on inspired guidance
  • You believe we are nothing more than our human shell
  • You believe everything happens to you rather than for you or through you

If you are struggling and you want a hand
If you are flying and you want to soar
I want to help you get there

Why am I offering so much for value for such a small price?
I have so many skills and tools to support you to grow into more of who you really are.  I have gathered them, practiced them and grown through them. Now, I want to share them with you and in doing so, do my part to  uplift the whole planet. I think this group will be a great place to explore and practice together and as a monthly subscription group I can keep the price down for you and receive and have the financial compensation for my energy and investment be meaningful for me.

Whether you participate live or by watching the replay.  The energy will meet you and move you

If you want to have a conversation with me before signing up , message me

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